A new masters’ degree program designed for top management of cooperatives and social enterprises has been launched in Mindanao. Called Master of Science in Management (MScM), major in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the program will be offered by the University of Asia & the Pacific in collaboration with MASS SPECC Cooperative Development Center. This is MASS SPECC’s contribution to the professional development of present and future chief executive officers and general managers of cooperatives.

This masters’ degree is a 15-month program, which aims to “provide executives with greater exposure and specialized skills in the field of entrepreneurship.” Specifically, it aims to “equip managers with functional management skills to ensure growth and sustainability of their organizations.” The program will combine formal learning sessions with personal mentoring and business coaching.

To bring the program closer to cooperatives in Mindanao, learning sessions (classes and mentoring) will be held in Cagayan de Oro City. Classes will start in April 2017. Application for admission is now on-going.

Coop managers interested in the program can contact MASS SPECC through the Institute of Cooperative Studies by calling 088-8565753 or email ics@mass-specc-coop.com or Ms. Jhenebeth Rejas at 09168864174.

Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog, President of the University & the Pacific, sign the Memorandum of Understanding with MASS SPECC’s Dr. Evelia Sator and Bernadette Toledo on October 24, 2016.