MASS SPECC’s new centralized banking system, called MSRTECORE, was successfully pilot- tested by the Oro Integrated Cooperative (OIC). On March 1, 2017, the system went live in OIC’s branches in Bulua and Agora in Cagayan de Oro City. Members of Bulua branch can now have inter-branch transactions in Agora and vice-versa. The branches now store electronically members’ pictures, signatures, and other digital documents in the central database for centralized verification.

The new system will be installed in OIC’s 16 other branches in the coming months. By the end of the full migration, all OIC members will be able to access their accounts and transact business in any of the coop branches. MSRTECORE is capable, among other features, of biometrics and PIN access to validate member identity, of sending electronic statement of accounts and SMS notifications, and of remote management, allowing an officer to perform inter-branch or inter-office override approval.  

MSRTECORE also supports in-demand financial transactions through the ATM switch (ATM, POS, Cash Card), mobile banking, mobile collection system, and internet banking.  

Inquiries about the new system can be addressed to Mr. Dennis Santander (dz.santander@mass-specc.coop) or Jerry Mocorro (jm.mocorro@mass-specc.coop).