The newly-elected officers of MASS SPECC were inducted on July 7, 2018 at the N Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. This year’s inducting officer was Ms. Regina Paz Lopez, the former Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Ms. Lopez is a well-known environmentalist and philanthropist. In her keynote speech, she urged MASS SPECC leaders to join her advocacy in lifting many poor Filipinos out of poverty through targeted area development interventions.

The new officers of MASS SPECC for 2018 – 2019 were led by the Mrs. Ninfa B. Macabenta, the new Chairperson of the federation. Other members of the Board of Directors:
Antonio M. Matias – Vice-Chairperson (Zambasulta)
Julius S. Haganas – Director (Region X)
Jose Agerico De Guzman – Director (At large)
Agapito B. Hornido – Director (At large)
Cristituto B. Batonghinog – Director (Region IX)
Donato A. Almador – Director (Region XI)
Sanny D. Seco – Director (Caraga)
Editha V. Dahilan (Women sector)
Felicitas H. Gil (Women sector)
Agnes Jane M. Equia (Youth sector)

Audit Committee: Florife A. Abordo, Sonia L. Chua, and Antonieta A. Tompong
Election Committee: Chad P. Villamor, Marlon M. Magno, and Noel Beaver Pantig
Investment Committee: Daven P. Gamolo, Dr. Eufemio Calio, and Pacienciano A. Tomarong
Mediation & Conciliation Committee: Mario A. Baterna, Rodelo E. Saldana, and Joselito S. Enot