Programs And Services

Central Fund

About the Central Fund  MASS-SPECC has established a central fund unit managing the investments of the members and provides wholesale loan to qualified cooperative-members. Pooled funds of cooperatives, as well as external funds are utilized and managed by the Central Fund unit in several ways.  As of 2015, the Central Fund is able to administer [...]


INSTITUTE OF CO-OPERATIVE STUDIES (ICS) As training arm, ICS endeavours to be the co-operatives’ first choice in seeking information, acquiring knowledge, and developing skills related to the cooperative enterprise. It is developing its competence as a center of learning for cooperators. It is focused on its mission to “deliver quality learning programs and grow cooperators [...]


MASS-SPECC Consultancy Unit  (MCU) MCU is the extension arm of MASS-SPECC. We use assessment, planning, resource access, coaching, mentoring, management assistance and continuous improvement. We specialize in working with credit and savings cooperatives to achieve growth, increase profitability, improve board leadership, and help strengthen management. We provide services that are comprehensive and personalized. We tailor [...]

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology MASS SPECC always tries to find innovative solutions to bring to its member cooperatives and the latter to its individual members in the fastest and most efficient manner. Given the large number of member cooperatives and their dispersed locations, the federation relies heavily on information and communication technology to try to [...]

Capacity Building

Capacity Building   Improving Cooperative Capacity for Member Development  A Capacity Building Program to Grow Members to Grow Cooperatives  Capacity Building Program Briefer What is MASS-SPECC Capacity Building Program? It is a comprehensive capacity building program establishing cooperative standards geared towards effective and efficient translation of the cooperative sector’s mission towards member development anchored on cooperative [...]


About AGRIBEST The Agri-based Enterprise Systems Program (AGRIBEST) aims to promote sustainable communities through developing the farmers to become agri-entrepreneurs using the tested Catholic Relief Services (CRS) 8-step clustering approach for agro-enterprise development of small farmers.  The program is geared towards Climate Smart Agriculture which considers the effects of climate change that bring about unstable [...]