MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center


To form collaborations and fortify the bedrock of co-operative growth, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center has recently concluded its highly anticipated second round of face-to-face ownership meetings.

This year’s sessions, held throughout November across ZamBaSulta, Region 9, Region 10, Region 11, Region 12, and CARAGA, facilitated extensive discussions and planning crucial for the Mindanaon co-operative movement.

The agenda had been meticulously crafted to advance the collective goals of MASS-SPECC, steering conversations about pivotal areas critical for co-operative growth and sustainability.

Agenda for cooperative advancement

Crucial deliberations unfolded on the “Liquidity and Deposit Security Fund” report, essential for ensuring financial stability.

“Co-operatives [are] a significant part of the financial system,” says Jose Nograles, former Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) President, adding that co-operatives must be concerned with systemic risks or  “events that could trigger severe instability or collapse of the entire banking industry.”

MASS-SPECC leaders discussed the BOD and Management Report, Regional Steering Committee (RSC) Report, and Co-operative Inter-Connectivity and Digitalization Initiatives to garner members’ insights and approval.

The consolidated Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (ISG) Commitment report was also presented and ratified.

Progress tracking and milestone assessment were conducted through the Movement Vision Monitoring (MVM) Report.

Coop NATCCO Party List shared different updates to inform the participants about legislative amendments, particularly for the Cooperative Code of the Philippines (Republic Act 9520).

The session encompassed discussions on other significant matters such as the “2022 Coop Financial Highlights with Comparative Figures (Region and Mindanao)” and the announcement for the conduct of a member satisfaction survey.

Following the day’s rigorous discussions, the solidarity night served as a platform for fostering camaraderie and celebrating unity among participants. It provided an opportunity to strengthen bonds, share experiences, and establish connections transcending geographical boundaries.

Unified drive toward progress

This year’s second round of face-to-face ownership meetings underscored co-ops’ collective commitment, emphasizing not just discussions but active participation in bringing about positive change for the sector.

This series epitomized solidarity and highlighted the co-operative movement’s collaborative spirit.

“As the co-operative sector progresses, our commitment toward inclusive growth, sustainable practices, and unwavering support for one another must remain paramount,”shares MASS-SPECC CEO Bernadette Toledo.

“Together, let’s continue building a future where co-ops thrive.”

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