MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center

Central Fund

Central Fund

As the trusted depository for its primary member co-operatives, MASS-SPECC has played a crucial role in supporting their financial journeys since 1978. Initially established as the Central Fund, the organization has expanded its offerings over the years to go beyond share capital and time deposits, now providing a comprehensive range of investment and credit funds.

MASS-SPECC’s pioneering initiatives have been specifically designed to enhance the capacity of primary co-operatives, empowering them to deliver superior services to their members. By investing surplus funds with the Federation, the co-ops not only engage in sound business practices and earn competitive interest rates but also contribute to a meaningful co-operative movement that positively impacts numerous lives.

Recognizing that each co-operative possesses unique requirements, MASS-SPECC thoughtfully tailors its savings and loan products to address the distinct financial needs of every co-op. The organization prioritizes ensuring the financial security and stability of co-operatives, offering best-in-class products and services that empower them to achieve their financial objectives.


a. Share Capital

Member’s share capital represents the primary cooperative’s commitment to the federation. This is a low risk investment with guaranteed returns in the form of dividends pegged at prevailing market interest rates. This fund can only be withdrawn upon termination of your membership from the federation. 


This is a fixed interest-bearing fund depending on the amount and date of maturity. Certificates of deposit are issued for a specified term, from a minimum of 30 days up to 5 years.

a. Time Deposit


b. Pooled Funds for General Reserve Funding

This fund has a variable return that caters to the General Reserve funding requirement of the co-operatives as mandated by RA 9520.

c. Pooled Funds for Retirement Fund

This fund has a variable return that caters to the Retirement Fund funding requirement of the co-operatives as mandated by RA 7641.

d. Reconstruction and Rebuilding Fund

This pooled fund has a fixed interest rate and is utilized for the reconstruction and rebuilding of its member primary cooperatives when disruptions hit.


a. Loan Fund

This fund is generated by pooling contributions from well-capitalized primary co-operatives with the objective of helping other co-ops gain access to additional sources of capital for expansion.

b. Micro-finance

Offering tailored financial services to support micro-enterprises of co-op, empowering them to thrive in their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

c. “Suporta sa Negosyo” Loan

This fund has a variable return that caters to the General Reserve funding requirement of the co-operatives as mandated by RA 9520.

d. Bridge Financing

Assisting co-operatives with short-term funding needs, bridging the gap between financial requirements and available resources. 

e. Back-to-Back Loan

Enabling co-operatives to secure financing by leveraging their existing assets or collateral.

f. Special Liquidity Credit Line

Providing a credit line specifically designed for ATM operations, ensuring smooth liquidity for co-operative members.

g. Infrastructure & Fixed Asset Acquisition

Facilitating financing for co-operatives to acquire essential infrastructure and fixed assets, enabling growth and development.


Offering salary loans tailored for co-operative employees, ensuring financial support during times of need.

i. Yaman ng Lupa Financing

Providing financing options for agricultural products, focusing on organic, natural, or integrated natural farming, as well as high-value crop production.


a. Loan Fund

his fund is generated by pooling contributions from well capitalized primary cooperatives with the objective of helping other cooperatives gain access to additional source of capital for expansion.