MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center


In today’s competitive world, MASS-SPECC recognizes the crucial need for co-operative digital solutions. To address this, our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit has developed Pinoy Coop, offering four product/service categories that empower member cooperatives to adapt and thrive in today’s technological landscape. Our goal is to enhance connectivity and streamline operations by leveraging the power of technology. Through innovative and seamlessly integrated solutions, we enable the co-ops to gain a competitive edge in the industry and take their co-operative to the next level.

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Digital Solutions for a Better Life

  1. Pinoy Coop E-SERVICES: Empowering members to perform personal banking tasks such as balance inquiry, withdrawal, bill payments, fund transfers, and more using their Pinoy Co-op Kard, anytime and anywhere through various channels.

  2. Pinoy Coop CORE: An automated accounting system covering common banking applications and supporting end-to-end financial processes. It has evolved from DOS-based to Windows-based (Pinoy Coop Core 2.0) and now to web-based (Pinoy Coop Core 3.0). It also features value-added solutions:
  • Pinoy Coop BLAST: Through an independent short message service, it provides timely transactional alerts and opens up new opportunities for engaging with co-operative members.
  • Pinoy Coop REGISTER: Enables convenient and efficient registration of members for the co-op’s general forums and assemblies.
  • Pinoy Coop ELECT: Allows members to cast their votes electronically during elections in the General Assembly, mitigating fraud and reducing human intervention during the transmission and tabulation of results. Votes are counted and tabulated swiftly and accurately.

Pinoy Coop CORE is CISA-compliant, complying with the Republic Act 9510, also known as the Credit Information Systems Act of 2008. It has the capacity to directly submit basic credit data to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).

  1. Pinoy Coop SECURE: An information security program that safeguards co-operatives and organizations through solutions like antivirus, firewall, data backup, and recovery, ensuring data protection and security.
  1. Pinoy Coop E-STORE: A provider of hardware items such as personal computers, servers, switches, routers, external storage, UPS, structured cabling, and other hardware peripherals, catering to the technological requirements of organizations for optimal performance.

With these digital solutions, MASS-SPECC's Pinoy Coop empowers co-operatives to streamline their daily operations, enabling them to thrive in today's competitive environment and enhance the quality of life for their members.