MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center



Affordable Medical Insurance for Co-op Members


The Philippines faces numerous challenges in providing quality healthcare, particularly for those in rural areas or low-income communities. Many families struggle with the financial burden of medical expenses, making access to healthcare difficult. In response to this issue, MASS-SPECC and Paramount Care have joined forces to introduce the YAKAP: Yaman ang Kalusugan Program. This program aims to provide affordable medical insurance to co-op members, offering them peace of mind and financial security.

Key Program Features:

  • Eligibility: Co-op members aged 18-65 years old, in good health, and actively employed qualify for YAKAP. Special provisions are put in place for BOD members, current officers, and pioneer members who can be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Coverage and Premiums: The annual premium is PHP 2,950 for PhilHealth Members and PHP 3,850 for non-PhilHealth members, which includes a membership card. For members aged 71 to 75 years old in the special group, medical and life insurance coverage is reduced by 50%.
  • In-patient Coverage: The program covers hospital expenses such as room and board, professional fees, laboratory tests, medicines, and supplies needed during confinement. This eliminates the financial burden of high hospitalization costs.
  • Out-atient Coverage: Consultation fees and diagnostic procedures, including x-rays and laboratory tests, are covered by the program. Accredited hospitals and clinics are located in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Camiguin, and Misamis Oriental.
  • Comprehensive Annual Health Check-ups: Members can undergo an annual health check-up, enabling early detection of health issues and prompt treatment. Pre-existing conditions (PEC) are covered up to the maximum benefit limit.
  • Basic Life Insurance: YAKAP also offers basic life insurance coverage to its members. This provides financial stability during difficult times and alleviates the financial strain that comes with such a loss. Members aged 18-65 years old have a maximum coverage of PHP 20,000. BOD members, current officers, and pioneer members up to 71 years old can avail of the same coverage.

Through YAKAP, MASS-SPECC aims to empower co-op members, enabling them to take control of their health and well-being while providing financial security for their families. The healthcare program is a groundbreaking health initiative that offers affordable medical insurance, ensuring that quality healthcare is within reach for all co-op members.