MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center

Mindanaw Co-operative Micro-Entrepreneurs' Award

In its illustrious journey since 2009, the Mindanaw Co-operative Micro-Entrepreneur Award (MICMA) has been a beacon of recognition, celebrating the resilience, drive, and triumphs of micro-entrepreneur members within MASS-SPECC’s vast network.

Through MICMA, co-operatives have embraced a platform to spotlight their pivotal role in nurturing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), echoing their remarkable impact on community development.

MICMA’s primary goal is to empower micro-entrepreneurs by acknowledging their hard work and contributions to the local economy. The award promotes micro-entrepreneurial excellence, fosters a collaborative spirit, and inspires future generations. It features three distinct award categories:

Nanlimbasog Award

For micro-entrepreneurs whose businesses are now reliable sources of family income with assets valued at Php1M and below.

Mauswagon Award

Recognizing micro-entrepreneurs whose businesses generate employment, with assets valued above Php1M up to Php3M.

Micro-Agri Award

Dedicated to farmers engaged in agro-enterprises, providing a stable income for their families with assets not exceeding Php1M.