MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center



MASS-SPECC recognizes the crucial role of the Filipino youth in shaping the federation’s narrative and growth towards a sustainable future for the co-operatives. In line with this, the Co-operative Youth Parliament (CYP) was established to provide a platform for young co-operators to develop their leadership skills and contribute to the sustainability of the co-operatives.

Through diverse activities such as training modules, financial literacy programs, and cooperative learning sessions, the CYP aims to not only strengthen the foundation for the holistic development of the youth but also mold them into leaders of sustainability. The CYP collaborated with the Institute of Cooperative Studies (ICS) for the development of training modules and successfully conducted several webinars, Trustees’ Meetings, and CooperaTALKS with partners such as the Strategic Communications Unit (SCU), ACCU, and ICA Youth Committee.