Institute of Co-Operative Studies (ICS)

As training arm, ICS endeavours to be the co-operatives’ first choice in seeking information, acquiring knowledge, and developing skills related to the cooperative enterprise. It is developing its competence as a center of learning for cooperators. It is focused on its mission to “deliver quality learning programs and grow cooperators who are committed to building the cooperative movement & the nation.”

ICS delivers various education and training programs for board of directors and other officers of cooperatives. It conducts a regular 6-month management development program for middle managers, combining theory and practice. It has also adopted a co-creation strategy by involving human resource managers of cooperatives in developing competency-based curricula and training programs for various rank and file positions in cooperatives. It has decentralized its delivery of training programs to the regions to ensure that these are accessible and affordable to cooperatives, by training and accrediting facilitators in the different regions and partnering with local cooperatives in organizing the training.

ICS is accredited by the Cooperative Development Authority as Training Provider to deliver the training programs required of all elected and appointed officers of cooperatives. It runs these programs on a regular basis in different parts of Mindanao, including online versions that are available to cooperatives nationwide.

In all its education and training programs, ICS endeavours to align cooperative practices with the universally accepted Cooperative Values and Principles. In support of the advocacy agenda of MASS SPECC, ICS invests in knowledge management to develop appropriate training programs with accompanying learning resources. This will enable ICS to assist staff of cooperatives as well as coop members in acquiring knowledge and competency to undertake community-based development interventions.

Services Offered
Programs and Services
1. CDA Related Trainings

___ Fundamentals of Cooperatives (*)

___ Cooperative Governance & Management (*)

___ Financial, Risk & Credit Management (*)

___ Audit Management

___ Strategic Planning

___ Conflict Management

___ Internal Control

___ Rules Formulation

___ Parliamentary Procedure

___ Leadership and Values Reorientation

___ Records Management

___ Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants

(*) Required training for coop officers (Board, Committees, CEO/GM) to qualify per CDA Memorandum Circular 2015-09 pursuant to Article 44 of RA 9520 and Rule 7 of the revised Implementing Rules & Regulations

2. Specialized Trainings for Board and Committees

___ Financial Analysis for Board of Directors

___ Strategic Thinking for Decision Makers

___ Capacity Building for Education Committees

___ Conciliation and Mediation Skills Training

___ Capacity Building for Election Committees

___ Capacity Building for Ethics Committees

___ Risk Management

___ Cooperative Essentials

___ Leadership and Governance

___ Coop Taxation

3. Specialized Trainings for Managers & Technical Staff

___ Critical Thinking for Coop Managers

___ Financial Analysis for Managers

___ Credit Investigation

___ Risk Management

___ Judicial Collection Process and Documentation

___ Loan Evaluation

___ Delinquency Control

___ Member Care

___ Basic Bookkeeping

___ Tax Filing eBIR Forms and eFPS

___ Financial Literacy for Coop Members

___ Counterfeit Detection

___ System Audit/Use (MBWin)

___ Coop Taxation

Management Development Program (MDP) 

For Second-Line Managers

4. Competency Based Trainings for Rank & File

___ Bookkeeper / Accounting Clerk

___ Loan Clerk / Processor

___ Teller

___ Member Development Officer

___ Collector

5. Other Trainings

___ Team building

___ Personality Development

___ Other training events based on needs and upon request

Transformative Program

Reflective, spiritual program for coop leaders, managers and staff

Learning Visits

Arranged learning visits to cooperatives

Focus Region Name Contact Information
ZAMBASULTA Romulo M. Villamin 09175202837
Region 11 and CARAGA Karen T. Cruz 09171425284
Region 11 – 12 Rev. Cromwell Esteban Rabaya 09328730474 / 09272871884
Region 9 – 10 Jhenebeth P. Rejas 09360462046
ICS Staff
Name & Designation Photo
Romulo M. Villamin

Managing Director

Romulo M. Villamin
Karen T. Cruz

Training Officer

Karen T. Cruz
Gian Carlo Quinga Calib-og
Research Officer
Gian Carlo Calib-og
 Jhenebeth P. Rejas

Training Officer

Rev. Cromwell Esteban Rabaya

Training Officer (Part-time)

Rev. Cromwell Esteban Rabaya
Casandra Hilary B. Emata
Communications Officer